Our Story

Freestyle pizza – each pizza is as individual as you are

At Kitchen Pizzeria we are proud to take you back to the roots of handcrafted homemade Italian pizza and pasta.

Our Italian produce is individually sourced so you can taste the sun, soil, spirit and soul of Italy using our fresh ingredients from the field, to the farmhouse, to the kitchen to you at Kitchen Pizzeria.

At Kitchen Pizzeria you can see as well as taste, sense & smell the experienced hand craftsmanship of our highly skilled pizza chef, Vincenzo D’Antona who has over 20 years experience as a pizza chef in Salerno following in his father’s footsteps who was himself a pizza chef for over 50 years.

Initially taught by his father working in family run pizzerias, as well as studying under the celebrated Neapolitan pizza chef Carminuccio A Mariconda, Enzo went on to gain certified accreditation from the University of Naples. He has since participated in the annual Salerno ‘Festival of Pizza’ and become known for his ‘pizza acrobatics’ as part of the pizza acrobtica team ‘Ciccio Pizza’.

Now you too can enjoy both his pizza acrobatics as well as his professional chef skills as an expert hand-crafted pizza creator at Kitchen Pizzeria.