Emanuela Mansi joins Kitchen Pizzeria

thumb_emanualaKitchen Pizzeria is pleased to announce that speciality artisan pasta creator Emanuela Mansi has joined their team.

Emanuela is a Sfoglina, someone – usually a knowledgeable, highly skilled older woman – who makes pasta entirely by hand, from the dough and the fillings to shaping the pasta – she does not use any machines, she does everything by hand. Emanuela learnt her craft back home in Italy from professional Sfoglinas in Bologna, which along with her background in jewellery has helped her have an eye for detail and for shaping the pasta.

Emanuela uses fresh ingredients as this completely changes the taste, because once food is processed it loses its properties and flavours. As she says;

“My focus is on locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and creating fresh, exciting flavour combinations. For me it’s easy to find good quality, fresh ingredients because I work mainly at farmer’s markets. I can see exactly what’s in season, and I always try to use products that are in season. If you get ingredients from far away, by the time it gets to you it has already lost half the flavour.”

Her passion for Italian food comes naturally it is inside of her, discovering the world from under the kitchen table of my father’s restaurant, watching him test and repeat new recipes until they were perfect. She combines with having studied art in Italy and previously being a jewellery designer. With an eye for shapes and design she says her artisan pasta is “about the beauty of the shape. I shape every piece by hand. A little bit of patience and a lot of care is a small price for gems such as ravioli, caramelle, cardinali and tagliatelle.”